Goodbye my dear friend

It is with a heavy heart that I write so late tonight. I am saddened to have to say goodbye to a dear friend and ex- coworker. She left this world to go to her forever home late last night.

She was a wonderful woman. She and I spent numerous hours talking and laughing about our kids. She was always eager to hear new ideas on dealing with the issue (my son and her grandson both being on different levels of the autism spectrum). Likewise she gave me a lot to think about and consider.

She gave the best hugs. The kind you can actually feel the love in. She loved everyone. Always finding the good in everyone she met. I don’t think I EVER heard her say a negative thing about anyone.

When she first became ill i started trying to find a time to go see her, but the illness being such a private matter the family asked that we wait until she got home. By the time she was release from the hospital and able to have visits, I had already been relieved of my position with the company. I had no opportunity to tell her goodbye or good luck.

I had hoped, when I heard that she had become well enough to make plans to return to work, that she would beat the illness. At seven o’clock (CST) this morning I received the news that she did not make it. Yet again I never got the chance to tell my friend goodbye or let her know how very dear she was to me. To say thank you for listening when I needed her. Or to tell her all that she will always mean to me.

So here’s to you Jane. I love you my friend. I pray you are at rest and peace now. Not one day will go by that I will not think of you fondly, and remember all you have taught me. Every time I see a ray of sunshine I will know that it is you looking down on me and those you loved. With you big smile and wonderful laugh. Goodbye my sweet friend. I will see in the forever after.


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