No more bullies please

Kids today are not the same as kids of past generations. Today’s kids have so much more to deal with. I am not saying that these same issues were not present in generations past, but they were not as heard of.

I was fortunate enough to go to a school where you very rarely even heard of drugs. And to my knowledge no one ever was busted at school for having drugs on campus. My children go to that same school in that same town, and think I hear about someone getting caught with drugs, or guns, or a knife at least every other week!

When I was younger, kids were mean and picked on each other sure. But not like today. Not where they publicly humiliate each other via the Internet. We were not put on display for the entire world to point at and laugh at.

And I’d like to say that these things, unfortunately, are not just associated with children anymore. Adults can be just as cruel. They too post degrading and humiliating things on public sites causing embarrassment beyond belief.

Where does this stop? When do we as a people step up and say enough!? We are the only ones who can change this. Our children are killing themselves over this!

As parents we MUST teach our children to not only value themselves but others. We need to teach our children how to lift each other up instead of putting each other down. Our children need to know how to firmly stand up for what they believe as well as for their friends and themselves.

We should help our kids learn how to be open and communicate with us, without fear of judgement and harsh words, in the event that they are bullied. As parents we need to give our kids everything they need to survive their teenage years. Be that a shoulder to cry on or a warrior who will help them fight (not physically obviously) to put a stop to the nonsense.

Kids need to know that bullying is not okay. Parents need to know that this is not the same kind of “right of passage” that they went through as a kid either. This is serious. Lets all band together and stop this craziness.

Until next timeā€¦ live positively Wright!