In Ten Years

Everyone thinks about the future. When setting goals people ask themselves, “where do I see myself in five, ten, or twenty years?” I am no different.

In ten years all of my children will be grown. The youngest will be twenty. So I am hoping I will be a grandmother at least once. I can imagine my grand baby staying the night and me spoiling him or her.

I hope to still be blogging at that time. Hopefully my blog will be well known by then. Maybe it will have even helped someone. Changed a life for the better. After all that is my goal in blogging to begin with.

Hopefully my husband and I will have built our dream house by that point. And maybe I can convince him to make the exterior look like a log cabin. I have always dreamed of a log cabin with a fire place.

Maybe my husband will have the boat he has always wanted, and the truck he will need to tow it. We will take vacations and stay on the boat at night and fish all day. We love the outdoors.

I am pretty content with my life as it is. It is important to learn to be thankful for what you have. I am fortunate to be able to say that I have. So you won’t hear me wish for material things often. Mostly, I wish peace and happiness for my family and friends. If they are happy, feel loved, and at peace then I am happy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Until next time…live positively Wright!


Are our daughters truly beautiful?

What makes a female beautiful? If you asked this question to one hundred different people you would likely get one hundred different answers. Some may say things like: curves, legs, chest, butt, hair,eyes, or even shape and size. Very seldom do we hear things like: brains, personality, or values. What does this say to our daughters? We wounded why there are so many young women with low self esteem. Is it possible that we as a society have given it to them? When we oogle a celebrity more for her looks and less for what she stands for or believes that is exactly what we are doing.

There are too many young women who think they have to be a certain size or shape, or that their hair has to be a certain color or worn a certain way. I hear about mothers taking their daughters, as young as nine years old, to get their hair colored or their nails sculpted. While many moms wills say things like “oh it’s not a big deal,” “it’s just a little girls’ time,” or “it’s a bonding time,” I wonder if they have considered the long term effects this “fun bonding” is causing. Have they considered the effects those sculpted nails will have have on their child’s natural nails, or the effects of their child breathing in all of those chemicals? It is MY opinion that this not only tells our daughters they are not beautiful enough as they are, but it also leads to more, not so healthy, ways to “improve” their appearance as they grow. It leads to an obsession.

There are young women who spend several hours a week tanning, both in the sun and in tanning beds, without any thought or concern of cancer or any other long term effects. Young girls are starting to wear make up younger and younger. What about the damage being done to their skin with the saturation of all those chemicals in the products they are using. Not to mention that the earlier they start wearing make up the earlier they have to battle acne which further complicates the self esteem issue. There are even mothers out there that take their daughters to have plastic surgery! When did it become okay for us to tell our daughters they are not beautiful enough just the way they are? That they should be prettier, tanner, thinner? To those mothers I say… this is NOT teaching acceptance.

Now don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful and pretty. But we as women need to take a step back and realize that beauty is not on the outside. It is not something that is seen. Do you think a blind man does not think his wife is beautiful? And yet he has never seen her. If asked why, he would probably tell you things like her laugh, her whit, her caring heart, her warm embrace, or her sense of purpose and value. Those are the things that make us all beautiful. What we stand for, what we believe, our character.

Our skin will wrinkle and age. Our eye sight will fade. What we thought was beautiful to the eye yesterday will be a fuzzy, hazed fog tomorrow. Hair greys, thins, or even falls out. Women were made to fluctuate in weight. Pregnancy? We should be teaching our young women to be comfortable and confident in WHO they are and not WHAT they are. So when age; when life happens to them they can handle it with grace and elegance as opposed to falling apart or becoming depressed.

To those who disagree with me, if you have daughters, please be cautious and informed about the products you and/or your children are using. There are healthier ways out there to accomplish the same results you are used to. There are 100% all natural products for hair, make up, almost everything that can be used in place of the chemical filled ones the majority uses. Look at what goes into your make up or hair products. If you can’t say it, it probably isn’t natural. Look it up. These all natural products may cost more (some are actually less expensive) but what is your daughters’ health worth to you?

I want to thank my wonderful husband for ALWAYS finding me beautiful. Every minute of everyday for fourteen wonderful years. I love you.
Until next time… live positively Wright!